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Terms of Service

This document constitutes the only agreement between and its members. By registering an account, a member confirms that he or she has read this document and understands it.

It is a member's responsibility to maintain a good member status. Any of the following activities may lead to a permanent block on an account and possibly a block on the member's IP address:

  • Creating more than one account for an individual.
  • Accessing more than two acccounts from one IP address.
  • Using any method of tunneling to appear as though the member's traffic originates from a different IP address.
  • Using a method of game play that is not interactive, such as using a script or bot.
  • Playing games from multiple browser tabs or multiple logins simultaneously.
  • Using AdBlocker or any similar browser extension which will prevent proper interaction with the website.
  • Creating an account using a discardable email address. responds to every request for assistance on its website except those from people who create multiple accounts.

Values awarded in game play may be changed at any time without prior notice.

A new member is automatically signed up for the newsletter. Members may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.

The purpose of is to promote the cryptocurrency Dash. The website does not accept deposits and as such is not a gambling website. Members should be aware that it is likely far easier to win on than it would be to win when playing similar games offered by other websites or in casinos. cannot be held liable for any type of account intrusion or theft of duffs. It is the member's responsibility to protect duffs collected with a strong password.

Any activity that attempts to harm the website is strictly forbidden and will lead to a block of a member's account and IP address. is a promotional website and not a long term account. Thus, accounts with no activity for a period of 14 days are considered abandoned and are automatically reset to a balance of 0 duffs.

The term "" and its trademarks, or service-marks are solely owned by All site content, including images, videos, sounds, and written content belongs to and is protected by international copyright laws. Members and non-members may not distribute any of the content offered on the website for any purpose without written approval. Game content, including music, is copyright protected and licensed through Code This Lab of Naples, Italy. may amend these terms of service at any time without prior approval or consent of its members.

Keep In Mind
  • One account per person

    To remain in good standing, please create only one account for yourself.

  • Play Fair

    You must play from one computer, one browser login, and one browser tab at a time. Multiple, simultaneous game play from one account is strictly prohibited.

  • Accumulate Duffs

    You must accumulate đ63,000 to withdraw from the website.

  • A Big Winner!

    Once you have accumulated đ64,000, you must withdraw in order to continue playing games.

  • Withdrawal Limit

    You may withdraw once every 24 hours. The maximum allowed withdrawal is đ65,000.

  • Games Stop Paying

    Games stop adding duffs to your account when the balance reaches đ66,000 even if you stay in a game and continue indefinitely.