YouTube Verification YouTube Verification verifies accounts with YouTube videos. To be a member of, you must create a video in which you read the following statement:


My name is < first name >< last name optional >.

I live in < city >, < country >.

Today is < month day year >. I declare the following:

  • I will access the website only from my account with username username >.
  • Only I will have access to my account.
  • I administer my own Dash wallet.
  • I want to win the cryptocurrency Dash.

Example video:

Instructions for creating your video:

  • The video must show your face with sufficient light.
  • The sound quality should be clear.
  • Hold the words near the camera so that you look towards the camera as you read.
  • If you don’t speak English, Spanish or Portuguese, please view this video.
  • The title and description of your video are irrelevant.
  • You may upload your video to any channel on YouTube.
  • A YouTube channel may host various videos that verify accounts.
  • Your video should be between 20 and 60 seconds long and contain only the required information.
  • Acceptable YouTube privacy settings: Public or unlisted. recommends using unlisted.
  • The camera must not move.
  • Do not edit your video. Upload the video just as you recorded it.

Please use unlisted

Use: Unlisted, Oculto, No Listado, Nao Listado

When Your Video is uploaded to YouTube, verify it by visiting the webpage of the video. Then, copy the URL to submit it to Acceptable URL formats:

Thumbs up!

What happens next?

After submitting your video to there are three possible outcomes:

  • The video is approved and you may play the games and withdraw.
  • The video is rejected for technical reasons, such as being too dark or for poor audio quality. In this case, you will be able to make another video.
  • The video is rejected for being offensive or trolling. In this case, your account will be permanently blocked.

If at any time you delete your video on YouTube, you will not be able to withdraw.