Playing Games from Multiple Windows Playing Games from Multiple Windows!

From the very first day that was on the internet, people have tried to trick the website by playing from multiple windows simultaneously.

To many people, this will sound like an incredible idea, perhaps even impossible. I created this short video to show you what it looks like:

There are other ways to play from multiple windows. For example, if two people connect to and login to the same account from different computers, they can play games at the same time and the results will be the same.

What will the results be?

The account will be blocked from withdrawal and may even be blocked permanently. This activity is prohibited.

Fish surprised

Not only is this activity easy for the website to detect, it actually slows down the accumulation of duffs into the player’s account because the commands to the database will be rejected. The player does not end up winning faster! He simply wastes his time and blocks his account from withdrawal.

You should know that playing from more than one window is considered to be an attack on the website. Too much traffic to the website from one IP address over a brief period of time will look like a Denial of Service Attack to the server, and the IP address can be permanently blocked which mean that the person will never see the website from his IP address again.

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