I didnt receive payment from Dash.red

I didn’t receive my payment from Dash.red!

One of the most common emails we receive is a claim from someone who says that he did not receive his payment from Dash.red.

We have found that there are two possible reasons:

  • Not enough time was allowed for confirmation on the network
  • The transaction was sent to a website and not to a real wallet

You will be able to verify your own transactions by following this simple procedure. In the menu, hover the cursor over your username, and click on Payout Log.


A table will appear listing your transactions.

Payout Log

Transactions will appear in a blockchain explorer website if a confirmation has taken place. The first confirmation will usually appear within 5 minutes. So don’t check too soon after your withdrawal. Click on the top value in the column BLOCKCHAIN TRANSACTION ID

Once the transaction has appeared in the blockchain explorer website, what you want to see is that the the money has not been spent. In the column Redeemed in you will want to see “Not yet redeemed”.

Not Yet Redeemed

When someone complains that they did not receive their withdrawal, it is usually because they are using a website wallet. We do not recommend using websites as Dash wallets. Sending duffs to a website is sending money to someone you don’t know. A website might have a good reputation and it might not. The entire point of cryptocurrency is to put people in control of their money, not banks or websites. So, please use a software wallet.

What does it look like when a website has stolen a user’s duffs? In the blockchain explorer, you will see this:

Money Spent

Dash.red completes hundreds of transactions every day. We have always been able to prove that every transaction has completed. It is your responsibility to provide a Dash Address that you trust. Once you withdraw to a valid Dash address, it is no longer the responsibility of Dash.red.

Now you know how to track your own transactions on the Dash blockchain!