Sneaking into Using VPNs

Sneaking Into Using VPNs

It is against the Terms of Service of to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Tunneling service to access the website. There are two reasons for this:

  • We report the statistics of access to the Dash Community that funds our website.
  • VPNs can be used to create multiple accounts with the intention of fraud.

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To stop people from using VPNs, our first method has been to block the IP addresses of known hosting companies. There are many of hosting companies, and the work is ongoing, but it has already had a positive impact in reducing the abuse of the website.

If you can find a VPN host out on the internet that has not yet been blocked, you might be able to connect to the website and play the games, but when you try to withdraw, the website will block you.

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Please do not use a VPN or tunneling service. It is against the Terms of Service of

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Here is an example of what our traffic looks like by country: Traffic by Country