YouTube Verification YouTube Verification verifies accounts with YouTube videos. To be a member of, you must create a video in which you read the following statement:


My name is < first name >< last name optional >.

I live in < city >, < country >.

Today is < month day year >. I declare the following:

  • I will access the website only from my account with username username >.
  • Only I will have access to my account.
  • I administer my own Dash wallet.
  • I want to win the cryptocurrency Dash.

Example video:

Instructions for creating your video:

  • The video must show your face with sufficient light.
  • The sound quality should be clear.
  • Hold the words near the camera so that you look towards the camera as you read.
  • If you don’t speak English, Spanish or Portuguese, please view this video.
  • The title and description of your video are irrelevant.
  • You may upload your video to any channel on YouTube.
  • A YouTube channel may host various videos that verify accounts.
  • Your video should be between 20 and 60 seconds long and contain only the required information.
  • Acceptable YouTube privacy settings: Public or unlisted. recommends using unlisted.
  • The camera must not move.
  • Do not edit your video. Upload the video just as you recorded it.

Please use unlisted

Use: Unlisted, Oculto, No Listado, Nao Listado

When Your Video is uploaded to YouTube, verify it by visiting the webpage of the video. Then, copy the URL to submit it to Acceptable URL formats:

Thumbs up!

What happens next?

After submitting your video to there are three possible outcomes:

  • The video is approved and you may play the games and withdraw.
  • The video is rejected for technical reasons, such as being too dark or for poor audio quality. In this case, you will be able to make another video.
  • The video is rejected for being offensive or trolling. In this case, your account will be permanently blocked.

If at any time you delete your video on YouTube, you will not be able to withdraw.


create an account for grandma Can I Create an Account for Grandma?

“How can I create an account for my grandma without blocking my own account?”

This is a question that many people ask us every day. Please don’t do it.

You cannot create an account for your grandmother, your sister, or anyone else. You can only create, maintain, and play games from one account for yourself.

So, to allow your grandmother to play the games on, please follow these guidelines:

  • Your grandmother must create an account for herself without your help.
  • Your grandmother must maintain her own account without your help.
  • Your grandmother must play games for herself.
  • Your grandmother cannot play games in your account for you.
  • It is wise for each person to use a separate device.
  • A limit of two accounts can access from one home or office, determined by IP address.
  • An IP address can be used to withdraw duffs once every 12 hours.
  • A Dash address can be used to withdraw duffs once per day.
  • The website will block anyone from creating a new account from an IP address that has been used to create an account or withdraw duffs within the past 12 hours.

Please stay within these limits.

Sneaking into Using VPNs

Sneaking Into Using VPNs

It is against the Terms of Service of to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Tunneling service to access the website. There are two reasons for this:

  • We report the statistics of access to the Dash Community that funds our website.
  • VPNs can be used to create multiple accounts with the intention of fraud.

Sneaky Ninja with Attitude

To stop people from using VPNs, our first method has been to block the IP addresses of known hosting companies. There are many of hosting companies, and the work is ongoing, but it has already had a positive impact in reducing the abuse of the website.

If you can find a VPN host out on the internet that has not yet been blocked, you might be able to connect to the website and play the games, but when you try to withdraw, the website will block you.

sneaky ninja confused

Please do not use a VPN or tunneling service. It is against the Terms of Service of

Sneaky Ninja Laptop

Here is an example of what our traffic looks like by country: Traffic by Country

Playing Games from Multiple Windows Playing Games from Multiple Windows!

From the very first day that was on the internet, people have tried to trick the website by playing from multiple windows simultaneously.

To many people, this will sound like an incredible idea, perhaps even impossible. I created this short video to show you what it looks like:

There are other ways to play from multiple windows. For example, if two people connect to and login to the same account from different computers, they can play games at the same time and the results will be the same.

What will the results be?

The account will be blocked from withdrawal and may even be blocked permanently. This activity is prohibited.

Fish surprised

Not only is this activity easy for the website to detect, it actually slows down the accumulation of duffs into the player’s account because the commands to the database will be rejected. The player does not end up winning faster! He simply wastes his time and blocks his account from withdrawal.

You should know that playing from more than one window is considered to be an attack on the website. Too much traffic to the website from one IP address over a brief period of time will look like a Denial of Service Attack to the server, and the IP address can be permanently blocked which mean that the person will never see the website from his IP address again.

Fish worried

I didnt receive payment from

I didn’t receive my payment from!

One of the most common emails we receive is a claim from someone who says that he did not receive his payment from

We have found that there are two possible reasons:

  • Not enough time was allowed for confirmation on the network
  • The transaction was sent to a website and not to a real wallet

You will be able to verify your own transactions by following this simple procedure. In the menu, hover the cursor over your username, and click on Payout Log.


A table will appear listing your transactions.

Payout Log

Transactions will appear in a blockchain explorer website if a confirmation has taken place. The first confirmation will usually appear within 5 minutes. So don’t check too soon after your withdrawal. Click on the top value in the column BLOCKCHAIN TRANSACTION ID

Once the transaction has appeared in the blockchain explorer website, what you want to see is that the the money has not been spent. In the column Redeemed in you will want to see “Not yet redeemed”.

Not Yet Redeemed

When someone complains that they did not receive their withdrawal, it is usually because they are using a website wallet. We do not recommend using websites as Dash wallets. Sending duffs to a website is sending money to someone you don’t know. A website might have a good reputation and it might not. The entire point of cryptocurrency is to put people in control of their money, not banks or websites. So, please use a software wallet.

What does it look like when a website has stolen a user’s duffs? In the blockchain explorer, you will see this:

Money Spent completes hundreds of transactions every day. We have always been able to prove that every transaction has completed. It is your responsibility to provide a Dash Address that you trust. Once you withdraw to a valid Dash address, it is no longer the responsibility of

Now you know how to track your own transactions on the Dash blockchain!

The Math Captcha The Math Captcha

It is the responsibility of each member of the community to follow the rules of the website. One rule that effects many people is the need to complete the Captcha. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is what it looks like:

Math Captcha Example

Math Captcha Example

It is possible to block the captcha with browser extensions such as these:

  • AdBlock
  • Privacy Badger
  • Disconnect
  • Ghostery

Do you have AdBlock enabled?

A browser extension can be configured to disable itself for a particular website. For example, this image shows how to disable AdBlock for

Disable AdBlock on

If the math captcha does not appear periodically when you play the games, you will not be able to withdraw. If you seldom or never see the captcha and you don’t know why, we recommend that you install a new browser with no extensions. We have tested the captcha in Edge, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Dragon and it appears in all of them properly.

If you use a browser extension to block the math captcha from appearing, you will not be able to withdraw. If you close the math captcha using a command in a developer browser, you will not be able to withdraw.

It is your responsibility to complete the captcha when playing the games on

Create Another Account I am going to create another account!

Many people who play the games on have thought about creating multiple accounts.

They think they will never be caught.

caught in the act

Here is a real email from someone who created multiple accounts:

Excuses for creating multiple accounts

Excuses for creating multiple accounts.

We receive emails like this at least 20 times every day.

The policy of the website is to not respond to these emails.


When you create more than one account, all of them will be permanently blocked from withdrawal.


What can you do if you created multiple accounts and they are blocked? Please read our article about Blocked Accounts.

Blocked Accounts Blocked Accounts

If there is anything that frustrates members of the community, it has to be when an account is blocked from withdrawal. In almost all cases, an account is blocked because it violates our terms of service. The most common reasons are:

  • One person created multiple accounts
  • Avoiding the Math Captcha
  • Playing games from multiple windows at the same time.
  • Accessing using a VPN or tunneling service.

We are very permissive with people who abuse the  website. However, there is one action that we do not tolerate, and that is creating multiple accounts for one person. Here are the reasons why:

  • gives its members small quantities of Dash every day, and one person does not deserve more than any other.
  • Blocked accounts waste time that could be spent on other more productive activities. It wastes your time, and it wastes our time. We don’t have enough time to solve many problems for one person.

What can you do if your account is blocked from withdrawal? Send us a request for help using the contact-us page.

You should wait at least 48 hours to receive a response. Perhaps the account is blocked for some simple reason that an administrator can fix. Thus, going to the next step would only make matters worse. So please wait the necessary time.

The next step is to delete the old accounts and create one new one. To delete a blocked account, click your username in the menu. Click the CONFIGURE button. In the form that appears, delete your email address and click SAVE. Repeat this for all blocked accounts. Logout. Now, you can create one new account with your preferred email address.