YouTube Verification YouTube Verification verifies accounts with YouTube videos. To be a member of, you must create a video in which you read the following statement: Hello My name is < first name >< last name optional >. I live in < city >, < country >. Today is < month day year >. I declare […]

create an account for grandma Can I Create an Account for Grandma?

“How can I create an account for my grandma without blocking my own account?” This is a question that many people ask us every day. Please don’t do it. You cannot create an account for your grandmother, your sister, or anyone else. You can only create, maintain, and play games from one account for yourself. […]

Sneaking into Using VPNs

Sneaking Into Using VPNs

It is against the Terms of Service of to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Tunneling service to access the website. There are two reasons for this: We report the statistics of access to the Dash Community that funds our website. VPNs can be used to create multiple accounts with the intention of fraud. To […]

Playing Games from Multiple Windows Playing Games from Multiple Windows!

From the very first day that was on the internet, people have tried to trick the website by playing from multiple windows simultaneously. To many people, this will sound like an incredible idea, perhaps even impossible. I created this short video to show you what it looks like: There are other ways to play […]

I didnt receive payment from

I didn’t receive my payment from!

One of the most common emails we receive is a claim from someone who says that he did not receive his payment from We have found that there are two possible reasons: Not enough time was allowed for confirmation on the network The transaction was sent to a website and not to a real […]

The Math Captcha The Math Captcha

It is the responsibility of each member of the community to follow the rules of the website. One rule that effects many people is the need to complete the Captcha. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is what it looks like: It is possible to block the captcha with browser extensions such as […]

Create Another Account I am going to create another account!

Many people who play the games on have thought about creating multiple accounts. They think they will never be caught. Here is a real email from someone who created multiple accounts: We receive emails like this at least 20 times every day. The policy of the website is to not respond to these emails. […]

Blocked Accounts Blocked Accounts

If there is anything that frustrates members of the community, it has to be when an account is blocked from withdrawal. In almost all cases, an account is blocked because it violates our terms of service. The most common reasons are: One person created multiple accounts Avoiding the Math Captcha Playing games from multiple […]